February 4, 2009

in the interim

by Justin Hyde

there's something militant about you,
said the pothead
with big tits
i met on craigslist.

i told her.

something austere
in your speech
and mannerisms,
she said.

i told her:
there's something
i feel very strongly about
strong enough to die for it
but i just haven't figured out
what it is yet
know what i mean?

not really,
she said
and handed me
the pipe.

i told her
a strange language
was being sung
somewhere inside of me
and i was
working very hard
to decipher it.

and in the interim?
she asked.

in the interim
let me see those
tig old bitties,
is what i said.

she said:
quid pro quo.

you wanna see my titties?

i wanna see
what you got
under that fig leaf.

it's a very reliable
crescent wrench.

i just happen to have
a few lose screws
down along
my undercarriage,
she said
and pulled my
pants down.


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