August 16, 2010

Fran’s Building

by John Rocco

A guy jumped out of Fran’s building
the 6th floor
3 floors above Fran’s place where
we play poker and drink.

The guy who jumped was
a loner. No one in the building
talked to the guy because they
thought he was a weirdo
and Fran turned out to be
the only one to talk to the guy
who was a recluse and fucked up
but he talked to Fran and two days
before he jumped Fran saw
him in an ambulance down
the block and had a dilemma:
stop and see him or meet the
band to jam but he stopped
and asked the guy if he needed
anything from his apartment.

The guy said no
thanks anyway
and that was the last
Fran thought of him
before he heard he
jumped early in the morning.
Also in Fran’s builidng
this WW2
Navy Captain
who had to order
hundreds of sailors
to their deaths
to save thousands of
other sailors
at Iwo Jima.
Fran plays chess with
the old guy
many games drinking
Anisette and the last
time the phone rang
and it was the Captain’s
nephew who told Fran
to tell the old guy to shave
in the morning because he
was going to take him to
the doctor but they were
really taking him to a hearing
to put him away in a home.

Fran didn’t tell him to shave
and they stayed up late
drinking Anisette and
playing chess.
I’m going over to Fran’s now
to drink in the middle of the day
and if the bricks could drink
in his building they would
and I’d give them a shot
but they can’t drink
but they can remember
architecture is alive
blood hard music
that we all live inside.


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