August 16, 2010

The Age of Sail

by John Rocco

I’m a stowaway
on the bad ship NEVERMORE
her sails black with blood
her decks awash in whale cum
the Red Clock of Death
a doomed heartbeat below.

Our Captain, my Captain
is the Mad One
branded to kill
the cold fish world
the oceans endless
hot Siren crack pipes whispering
always whispering to him.

I hide in the stinking hold
entombed with rotting meat
and casks of grog.
I tap into both
and when I walk the
decks at night
past the humping shadows
the cursed meat
and the blazing booze
rush through me
pissing blood and guts
over the side.

This is bait
of course
for the aqua chicks
the Sirens, the Mermaids
the stacked sea Princesses
all tails and big tits.

This is bait to attract them
call to them
so I can sing my song
to them for a change.

I sing to them
each to each
as the Allman Brothers say
to eat a sea peach.

I sing of cemetery screwing
and churchyard orgies.
I sing of cannibal pages
and oxygen words.
I sing of the Harbour Inn
and the powerful Polish kiss.
I sing of sweet revenge
and always going too far.

I sing of eating
her whale’s tail
morning noon night.

I sing this mating call
of love to scales and tails
and to their land-loving doubles
you know who you are.


johnthebarman said...

Thanks for that vision.

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