March 1, 2010


by Mike Meraz

I hadn’t heard from Richard
in three years
but suddenly there was a message
on my machine telling me to call
I took the 13 bus to the Valley
because that’s where he was staying.
6 Motel. some things aren't done right.
I went to his door.
"hey man"
"let's get out of here..."
we walked over to the diner across
the street sat down ordered food when
he got a call on his cell.
"wait, I have to get up and leave.."
"what’s up?" I asked.
"I have to call work but I forgot
the number I'll be right back."
I sat there and ordered a drink
for 30 minutes I waited
and still no Richard.
I finally got up and left,
unpaid bill,
walked back over to the 6 Motel,
knocked on Richards door.
he came to the door half dressed,
there was a whore in the background
getting dressed,
I asked him, "can I have the money for
the meal, I'm broke."
he gave me 40 bucks and shut the door.



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