March 17, 2010

Al’s Story #2

by John Rocco

It’s been awhile since I’ve hung with the
Switchblade Sisters
all that summer lost
but I write one of them on the cursed
primrose-lined avenue to Hell called
Fucking Facebook
and tell her I’m going to Mexico
for blood
to kill marlins and to watch the bulls die.

It’s all Hemingway bullshit
death wish WILD BUNCH
the walk to death wish dance
tequila tsunami
Bataille wants to die
to explode.

I call it a vacation.

And she writes back
(she and her sister
learned English from

“Have fun in Mexico
and careful with those bulls.
I wanna go to Mexico.
I have only been there once
and it was for 30 minutes getting ‘stuff’
and my friend got robbed
and told he has 15 minutes to leave Mexico
so we drove out of there back across the border to San Diego.
with no special K hahaha”

You can’t
make this
shit up.

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