February 6, 2010

a hard man

by Karl Koweski

my daughter lies inconsolable

on the couch

sobbing herself to hyperventilation

convinced her world is at an end

my soon to be ex-wife glares

at me with a hatred

only thirteen years worth

of marital neglect

and sexual apathy

can nurture

and I revert back

to shadow form

a vaguely human-shaped blank

cast upon the walls

of this family

as the television

runs constant commercials

praising the latest

male enhancement formulas

successful men flanked

by their adoring women

claim the secret

to a blissful marriage

amounts to little more than

a little extra girth

a little extra length

there’s no pill in the world

that can negate

a history of

emotional abandonment

no topical solution

that cures

financial irresponsibility

when my wife tells me

I’m a hard man

I’m not what

the commercials preach toward


John Rocco said...

This is why you are one of the best, Karl. It hurt to read this it's so good and true and HARD! Now I sound like one of those fucking commericals....

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