February 8, 2010

Dante and Ass

by John Rocco

They made a new video game based on
the big guy’s shit, the INFERNO no less
but I’m not one to say no even if they
do turn his poet big-nose-face into some
schmuck soldier home from the bloody crusades
to find his lovely Beatrice raped and
eviscerated and taken to H E Double Hockey Sticks
by a laughing El Diablo laughing all the way.
It’s all ridiculous, Dante screaming “BEEEAAT
TRICCCEEEE!” like he’s Braveheart or any jerkoff
screaming for murdered love and the box office.

The real Italian dude was much cooler.
Sentenced to exile and death if he ever went home.
Homeless he wrote
sending all his real enemies to HELL forever
covered in the vomit and all the toilets of the universe
in circle 3 or torn apart by shit-covered harpies
their ragged shit-filled nails tearing the tress apart in 7
or burning in the endless coffin fires of 6. He had his
ways of fucking them up big time with more no excuses.

My favorite
and yours
is upper Hell
the whirlwind
of desire
hammering the lovers
with their own
love and cum.
There’s Francesca and Paolo
Fran and Paul
and she tells the story:
One day
horny as motherfuckers
they read a book
of cuckold King Arthur
and Lancelot’s lance
deep inside the Queen
probing the kingdom and then some.

That’s what the videogame assholes
don’t understand.
It’s not about the rules
or the dues
or the lines.
It’s all about the lost ass, the ass lost
and how you always have to pay for it.

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John Hartness said...

Nice. Very Strong.

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