November 25, 2009

peach tree

by The Poet Spiel

so i say to my mom
there's never anything to do
around this stupid place

and my mom says
well why don't you go and make something

so i say like what

and she says
why don't you make a peach tree

so then i start whistling

and she says
ever time i hear you start whistling
i know yer up to something
now you need to git yerself outside
an walk the stink off

so i go up to my room and
play with my pecker

then just as it starts feelin good
she hollers up the stairs
bobby lee what're you doing

so i holler back
i'm makin you a peach tree

then she hollers
don't you dare to get your paints
all over on your nice blankets

an i holler i'm doin my pencil

and she hollers what color

and i holler
same like a peach
an i'm not gittin it on my blankets


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