July 23, 2010

When I’m Drunk I Think She’s Beautiful

by James Babbs

Connie’s behind the bar
where she’s been for the past
35 years or so
serving up drinks and
trying to keep everybody in line
I’m one of her regulars
so she comes over and
talks to me
whenever she gets the chance
I flirt with her
making her laugh
she tells me
she’s old enough to be my mother
but when I’m drunk
I think she’s beautiful and
I tell her
I want to marry her
I tell her
I want to live with her
right here in the bar
she comes back with
I just want her
for all the free booze
but I tell her
my voice louder this time
it’s not true
I tell her
I love her and
every time I say it
she just laughs
on one of my better nights
when I end up leaving
with some other woman
turning back one last time
toward the bar
I don’t know
it’s just me
or the lighting
or something
but I swear
Connie always looks sad
when I tell her goodbye


Paul said...

This is a marvelous poem. You're one of my favorite poets, and I'm always pleased to read something new from you.

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