January 28, 2009

The Other Day

I had too much to drink,
and couldn't get up,
not that I was
all that drunk,
but I have a broken ankle
and don't get around too well,
especially off the floor,
then the phone rang,
I let it go
to the answering machine,
it was my friend Brit,
and I could hear her say,
"OK, you're not picking up,
I guess
you're just laying around."

I was.

Every time I've seen
or talked to her
we laugh
and laugh
about that.

And if you don't get it,
well then,
you need to have
one too many,
lie on the floor
unable to rise,
to your
answering machine,
and if it's a telemarketer
that calls,
then all I can says is
and better luck
next time.

by Paul Hellweg


paisley said...

i like both pieces.... kind of bukowski-esque in their own right....

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