July 19, 2009

she had eyes that could melt a hardened soul

by J.J. Campbell

i never thought of heartbreak
fondly until i looked into
your eyes after 15 years

nostalgia doesn't do it
justice nor will these words

but if a subtle glance could
be placed upon your lips
i would surely get lost
in a lovely embrace
that would consume
what little is left of me

and as a soft violin fades
into the hustle and bustle of
some tomorrow somewhere
i can't help but think of
what could have been

but i don't let that fester
for long for i know what
i just had

be safe and stay

and hopefully our next
moment comes sooner
than the sun sets on the
other side of the world

*J.J.'s homepage: http://sites.google.com/site/losersincsite/


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